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About Us

Purple Hippo CBD founders Marie Heiland and Ginny Chochon are no strangers to struggling with pain and sleep. In the past, they tried dozens of natural products and spent hundreds of dollars, only to realize that their solution would come in partnering together to create an exceptional line of high-quality full spectrum CBD products. 

Marie Heiland typically only slept four hours per night. She had tried dozens of sleeping remedies. Everything either did not work or left her feeling lethargic in the morning. When she heard of a company that was isolating a cannabinoid with the potential to help her sleep, she was eager to try it. After having an AMAZING night’s rest using CBN, she knew she had to make this life-changing natural product available to the masses.

After being diagnosed with both medically-induced Fibromyalgia and a NET carcinoid, Co-Founder Ginny Chochon struggled to find a product that would help with her chronic arm and leg pain. More than half of the creams, patches, and supplements she purchased did absolutely nothing to relieve her pain. It wasn’t until Ginny used Full-Spectrum CBD that she was able to experience relief. After three months of slowly working her way to an optimal dose, she was able to walk up the stairs with no pain.

It was after this mutual discovery that Marie and Ginny decided to start Purple Hippo, vowing to create full spectrum CBD products using non-GMO, USA-Grown hemp that would deliver actual results and real relief. They have sought out only the best manufacturers to create their unique tinctures and formulations, including Purple Hippo’s best-selling Extra Strength Pain Cream. Throughout this journey, they’ve rejected countless products that did not meet their quality standards. Each product’s exceptional quality can be validated with Purple Hippo’s transparent lab test results. As the hemp industry continues to evolve, Purple Hippo CBD will continue to test and develop custom CBD formulations and lead the way in premium hemp products.