How to Choose a CBD Topical Cream

How to choose a CBD Cream

There are countless CBD products on the market that claim to be “Pain Creams” , but how do you know which one to choose ? 

There are 5 key things you should look for when choosing a topical CBD lotion or cream. 

  1. Quality Control – Any reputable company will display recent third- party lab testing on their website. The tests should display transparent results of exactly what is in the product. It’s important to make sure you are actually receiving what the packaging states.
  2. Hemp Source – Where is the hemp in your product coming from ? We recommend you only purchase CBD products from brands that grow their hemp in The United States of America. Farming regulations vary greatly country to country which means non-USA grown hemp may contain harmful chemicals.
  3. Extraction Method – There are many different extraction methods that can be used to remove CBD and other cannabinoids from the hemp plant. While each method has it’s own pros and cons, we recommend looking for products that use either CO2 or ethanol as their extraction method.
  4. Type of Hemp – In addition to the extraction method, it is important to look at what type of hemp is being used. There are 3 main types of hemp extract: Full-Spectrum ( whole hemp plant extract, containing some THC); CBD isolate ( just CBD); Broad-Spectrum Extract (CBD and other compounds/cannabinoids from the hemp plant, no THC)
  5. Potency/Strength – Hemp topical products vary greatly in their potency. Some of the most popular products and companies on the market actually use very little hemp in their product. In this post we will break down the potencies of some of the most popular products on the market to determine which products provide the most CBD and the best value.

The Most Popular CBD Pain Creams

We know how difficult it can be to choose a CBD product! There are thousands of products on the market and it’s difficult to tell which articles are discreetly advertising products. In order to be totally unbaised we are going to break each product down by Type of Extract, Container Size, Potency, & Price to see exactly how the stack up to Purple Hippo CBD’s Extra-Strength Pain Cream

Purple Hippo CBD -
Extra Strength Cream

Type of Extract – Full-Spectrum

Container Size – 3.4 oz / 100g 

Strength – 5000mg CBD

Potency – 1,470.5 mg CBD per oz

Price – $99.99 or  1.9 cents / mg

Green Roads - Muscle & Joint Relief Cream

Type of Extract – Isolate

Container Size – 1 oz / 30g 

Strength – 350mg CBD

Potency – 350mg per oz

Price – $44.99 or  12.9 cents / mg

Fab CBD - Topical CBD Cream

Type of Extract – Full-Spectrum

Container Size – 2 oz / 60g 

Strength – 600 mg CBD

Potency – 300mg CBD per oz

Price – $49 or  8.2 cents / mg

CBDistillery- CBDol Relief Stick

Type of Extract – Broad Spectrum

Container Size – 2.2 oz / 162.4g 

Strength- 500mg CBD

Potency – 227mg CBD per oz

Price – $45 or  9 cents / mg

Medterra CBD -
Pain Cream

Type of Extract – Isolate

Container Size – 1.7 oz / 48.2g 

Strength – 1000mg CBD

Potency – 588.2 mg CBD per oz

Price – $54.99 or  5.5 cents / mg

Have a CBD product you’d like us to breakdown for you ?

Send us an E-mail and we can let you know how your product matches us to the top CBD topicals.

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