Purple Hippo 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD Extra Strength Cream


Our Extra-Strength Cream is our best selling topical product! After more than 2 years of research and development we are proud to bring you a pain cream with 5,000mg of CBD. This makes our cream one of the strongest on the market!

Our Co-Founder, Ginny,  uses the 5000mg Cream for her fibromyalgia leg and arm pain. After testing hundreds of CBD topicals, this is 1 of only 3 products that has ever helped relieve her fibromyalgia pain.  By applying just a dime size amount to her affected area,  her muscle pain almost completely disappears in about 5 minutes.

Many of our customers rave about this cream helping with arthritis and joint pain. We also have a large following of golfers who swear it helps with their grip and any muscle pain in their shoulders after playing.

  • 5000mg Full-Spectrum CBD Cream
  • 3.4 fl oz


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